Enterprise Intranet Software Solutions UAE

Creative intranet software solutions that increases productivity

  • It's with Wow interface
  • Loads of new generation features
  • Quick deployment timelines
  • Mobile and iPad responsive
  • Developed using ASP.net and MS SQL server 2012

Intranet should provide a single sign-in for all the working activities. It should ideally create virtual communities within the interface which helps in connecting remote workers to the intranet. Make sure your intranet is mobile-friendly as designing intranet for handsets in necessity in modern scenario. It should be relevant to people’s job with ease of access to important information.

Some intranet provides platform to share web based application which saves company’s cost of buying multiple copies of licensed tools for every single desktop. They have additional financial benefits as they are very scalable and flexible. Beyond monetary benefits, Intranet helps in reinforcing corporate culture of a business.

The use should be beyond just admin related tasks. Training modules should be planned regularly for employees to make sure they are up to date with latest policies and procedures on Intranet. Also, employees and executives both can maintain blogs to share new and exciting developments.

The primary goal of every company is to make their intranet critical to all its employees. There are number of ways to achieve the goal depending on the operations followed in the company.

Intranet’s power multiplies when it gets linked with corporate database as all the information gets easily accessible through a simple portal for people across organization.