Company Intranet

How things in the company looks like

UAE is a country where people around the world come for job opportunities. Every company is an individual entity. It has a different and unique feature and a whole lot of different personality. Intranet is a private network share among the employees of a particular company. It is used to share the confidential data or information with the whole organization’s employees. It has become very crucial to have a separate company intranet.

This has happened because of many issues happening in the company like theft of confidential data, lack of communication, no proper central hub for the company’s information and many more.

  • How things in the company will look if your company doesn’t have its own Intranet?

    • Employees won’t be able to communicate with managers as well as with each other on official basis.
    • The managers won’t be able to see the wok report of the employees.
    • The employees won’t be able to track their work.
    • The managers won’t be able to recognize how much an employee has deliver their work.
    • The employees won’t be able to engage themselves in other activities.
    • There would no rewarding systems for the employees in the company.
    • There would be no sharing of knowledge and documents.
    • There will be no central Hub of the company.
    • Lack of information can take place.

    Company Intranet for generation Z in UAE.

    Creative Social Intranet has got a great imaginary skill of forecasting things and seeing things in a larger perspective.

    • Company Intranet has got a lot of fun features for the Generation Z.
    • The employees can socialize with it.
    • Employees can share their views, opinions and suggestion with the help of Company Intranet.
    • Employees can post it along with pictures.
    • They can share their knowledge and also experience.
    • They can kind of socialize on it.
    • They can know others’ interest and find a good friend in the company for them.
    • They can play games.
    • They can enjoy themselves from their work.

  • How does Creative Social Intranet will help you in UAE?

    • A Company Intranet acts as a helping hand to the employees.
    • Company Intranet helps to communicate and share the data.
    • Company Intranet ensures the privacy of every data shared on it.
    • The Company Intranet facilitates group working as well.
    • It acts a central hub of the company.
    • It helps the employees to find the information they are in search of.
    • It helps to create a good brand image. Companies who have intranet are considered as organized and well managed companies in the market.
    • Company intranet connects you to every department of the company.
    • It comes with the employee directory as well so that if in any case an employee wants another employee contact number or email then it will be available in the intranet itself.
    • It helps the employee to ad task and update it accordingly.
    • If higher authority wants to announce something then it can be done with the help of company intranet. The authority just has to post that and it can be witness by everyone in the company.
    • It also has got the list of holidays/government holidays planned ahead in the year which makes it easy for the HR that they don’t need to announce it again and again.

    Company Intranet as the future of Intranet in UAE.

    Looking up to the future requirements and needs, Creative Social Intranet’ Company Intranet has a lot to do in the future. Company Intranet comes with a lot of advanced features.

    • It has got pooling feature which can be utilize in future if any decision needs to be made in majority.
    • Meeting room allotment can be done with the help of company Intranet.
    • It is a digital workplace.
    • Employees can chat live.
    • Training can be done with the help of Company Intranet.
    • Employees can chat live and get their problems solve.
    • There would be no sharing of knowledge and documents.
    • There will be no central Hub of the company.
    • Lack of information can take place.

    Creative Social Intranet has a long vision of seeing and doing things. Company Intranet helps you and your company to be one step forward.

Creative Social Intranet designs and create the best Company Intranet needed and required at every level in the company. It deals with the best quality of features. It takes care of their client and users and customize and modify their intranet as per their requirements and needs.

Company intranet can be called as company internal internet to share data and information to various departments or to share at one with everyone. Creative Social Intranet make sure that every Company has it owns Company Intranet.