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How you will make your employees engaged in the work for a longer period of time?

After the Intranet, the most important part for the organization is their employees. They work for the company to achieve its goals. They are the real gems of every organization. Taking care of them becomes the duty of the organization. For a country like UAE, having a huge number of employees working in an organization, the Employee Engagement Portal will be very useful. Engaging the employees has become the most difficult as well as important task for the organizations nowadays. Employees sitting at one place for 8-9 hours makes them feel bored and sometimes they get sleepy as well. Every person needs some kind of entertainment in their life to make them feel energetic, happy, refreshed, full of enthusiasm and lots of excitement in life. If there is no excitement then you are just a body. So, the question is how you will make your employees engaged in the work for a longer period of time?

Creative Social Intranet provides such an employee engagement Portal that has features in which there are lots of emoji for the employees. They can choose emojis like happy, sad, bored, exhaust, excited and many more to showcase their mood.

The answer is quite simple, The Employee Engagement Portal. The employee engagement Portal designed by Creative Social Intranet will help you to keep your employees engaged in their work and make them productive. This Portal has got a lot of activities for the employees to do when they want to relax themselves or have their own time from work. The best way to keep the employees happy and satisfied is to take care of them. The employee engagement Portal enables the employee to have their own personal time from work. What if I tell you, you will be able to see how your employees are feeling? Unbelievable right?

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    Now speaking about the Generation Z, the future employees and managers in the UAE’s organization.

    According to one survey, this generation carries most of the mood swings and always wants to do something different and unique. All they want is to:

    • Do curricular activities.
    • Always something different to boost their imagination and creativity.
    • Fun activities to relax themselves from work pressure.
    • To mingle with other employees.
    • Something that they can learn from.
    An HR won’t be able to do all of these things single handed. For that instance, employee engagement Portal will be working hard on this to keep the employees involved and happy. Employee engagement Portal will take care of your employees.

    This is the next generation engagement Portal for UAE.

    How will employee engagement Portal will help your organization in future?

    • The Portal will be able to keep the employee involved in it.
    • Employees will play and have fun and enjoy the time.
    • They will be able to get connected with the organization’s employees.
    • This will enable them to socialize.
    • They will get some time out from their work.
    • It will be like a short break for the employees to refresh themselves.

  • What if still there is no employee engagement in an organization?

    Therefore, engagement of the employees is the most crucial thing for the HR. the employee engagement Portal will decide the fate of your organization. More the employees engage in their work and your organization more there will be beneficial for the organization. This will reduce the attrition rate and cost of hiring new employees.

    • Employees will automatically feel bored.
    • There will be no productivity.
    • Attrition rate might increase.
    • There will be direct impact to the organization’s position.
    • Position of the organization may drop.
    • Organization will face loss.
    Giving training for the new employees is the costly part so keeping the existing employees happy is the only way out. Employee engagement Portal is the best thing you will ever have.

    The Portal will act like a voice to the employees.

    The employee engagement Portal will help you to hear employees’ voices. Whatever problems they are facing regarding their work they can let the HR know. This will help the HR manager as well as the employees to tackle the problems. The Portal also allows you to conduct a survey in which every employee will be able to tell their views and opinions. With this, the HR will come to know what culture to be adopted or what all changes need to be done in the organization. This will help to improve the organization’s culture. This will lead to good status in the market and demand will increase for the organization also it can be marked as the best place to work. People will have a desire to work in your organization.

The engagement Portal also helps to retain the employees. Good work culture and environment is what an employee will expect from its respective organization. If the environment is full of stress and everyone is just running for the targets without taking care of themselves and the boss is forcing you to complete the work faster without having any concern about others life, then that’s not a good sign of a good organization. No one will be able to work at such a place. An organization with happy and satisfied employees is a sign of a good organization.

It seems to be a very small thing but small things matter a lot and this employee engagement actually matters a lot if you want your workplace to be in peace and happiness.