Employee Onboarding

How the employee onboarding is done

There are many organizations operating in the UAE. Diversity in employees is seen here. On boarding the new employee is the duty of the HR. It is the first thing given by the HR to the employees on their first day of work. So, what all are the things involved and how the employee onboarding is done is the question here.

  • Just a glance of how Employee Onboarding is done

    • The HR welcomes the new employee at the office entrance itself.
    • The new employee has been introduced to everyone.
    • He/she has been told about the company.
    • The department should be ready to welcome the new employee.
    • He/she has been told about the company.
    • He/she has been introduced to the work they will be doing.
    • They are shown to their desks.
    • The employee is introduced to the co-workers or team members.
    • The employee is introduced to their managers and to whom they will be reporting.
    • They have been told about the rules and regulation of the organizations.
    • They are accompanied with the existing members of the organization so that they won't feel alone.
    • They are told what is expected of them.
    • They have been told about the core dealings of the organization and some vital information has been shared.

    What will be the impact of Employee Onboarding on Generation Z?

    This generation really cherishes the things which are done by heart.

    • The new join employee will feel good and important.
    • The employee will feel comfortable.
    • On the first day itself they will feel they are part of the organization.
    • They will not hesitate or be scared to ask the doubts if they have any.
    • They will have a soft corner towards the organization.
    • They will get mixed with the employees fast and try to build a good rapport with them.
    • They will feel free to ask questions to their manager or HR regarding their work.
    • The new employee will feel full of enthusiasm.
    • They will try to deliver more and good work.
    • They will try to go beyond the expectations of the manager.
    • They will try to learn more and more about their work and organization.

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    What will be the impact of Good Employee Onboarding to the Organization?

    • It will help the organization to retain the employees for a longer period of time.
    • There will be good word of mouth by the employee if the Onboarding process becomes successful.
    • The organization will have a good position in the market.
    • The employee will do more good work for the organization if they are treated well.
    • The employees will show loyalty towards the organization.
    • more and more employees will dream to work in your organization.
    • The Brand value of the organization will automatically increase.

    Impact on organization and Employees if there is no Employee Onboarding Process or Failure in Process

    • Failure in Onboarding process can lead to a bad impression towards the organization.
    • The employee won’t be able to relate to the organization.
    • The employee won’t be able to work properly and will find an alternative.
    • The organization will tend to degrade its position in the market.
    • Rate of attrition will be high in such organizations.

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