Intranet Application

No, It's Not The Internet Application. That's An Intranet Application.

Imagine you are working in an organization. Sitting with a count of 500 people around you. You are the hr of the Organization. You want to tell something to all the employees. You have everybody's contact number and you have created a group. You post a message on the group. From 500 Employees 300 have received the message but some have not received it. They say that their internet doesn't work in Office premises and some aged employees say that they don’t prefer using mobiles every now and then. So, what will you do in this situation?

An intranet provides the single focal point to access internal and external resources; it also enables employees to communicate, collaborate with each other, share documents and other crucial information. Here comes the intranet application in the Frame.

This application designed and created by Creative Social Intranet helps the companies to build a private network for them. It is a secure network that can only be accessed by internal employees. This application enables employees to see, post, comment, like, share, and do a lot of fun stuff for the employee so that they can have fun working. This intranet application will help your organization to collaborate with each other and maintain peace, harmony and a comfortable environment in your organization. It comes with the whole package of all the features installed which are useful for the employees in the organization. There will be powerful and efficient communication. By installing the intranet application all the employees can be on the same page.

With the help of intranet application employees will mingle well.

  • Employee engagement will be more.
  • Employees will be able to track good things on the intranet posted by others.
  • They will be more creative.
  • They will find their own interest.
  • Creative Social Intranet’s Intranet application will help your employees to find information.
  • It is a rich pool of information.
  • All of this information is important and needed for helping employees to get work done.
  • It also helps employees to stay connected to the other side of the organization.

Having an intranet application for the organization will help you to create a good brand image in the market. Every department will be able to update their work they want to disclose to the rest of the employees from other departments.

Creative Social Intranet’s intranet application will help you communicate from every where you are. Your documents will be able to travel from one place to another within a minute with the help of an intranet application.

  • What about the rewards and recognitions?

    The intranet application also answers this question as well. The intranet application also has the features in such a way that the employees who are rewarded are seen on that. It displays the name of the employee and title under which he or she is awarded. The intranet application also shows the birthday dates which will make the employees feel special about themselves and that will make their day brighter and colourful.

    Having an intranet application designed by Creative Social Intranet will help you secure your organization.

    • No outsider will be able to access your network.
    • Your privacy will be protected.
    • As there will be only organization’s people involved, employees will feel free to share their views.

What if you still don’t have it?

  • There will be means of mass communication for the employees.
  • Expressing is the best thing one can give to others but lack of intranet application there will be no such posts from employees which will ultimately bring boredom to them.
  • Lack of employee engagement.
  • It will create a lot of errors in the organization.
  • The managers will not be able to track the work of the employees.
  • As the managers won’t be able to see what the employees are doing, there will be no recognition of best work.
  • No record of employees’ details.

What about generation z?

The Creative Social Intranet has got a lot for the Generation Z. The generation with a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of excitement and the dedication to do almost everything. They are the pro players of every app. This generation is going to take over almost everything. The ideas they have, the mindset, taking risks and doing things on their own, multi-tasking many things, the creativity they process in themselves is just beyond excellence.

Intranet application fulfilling generation Z’s demands will be like:

  • Intranet application will give one desk solution to every question.
  • Employees will be able to communicate from anywhere.
  • They will be able to exchange their ideas, views to everyone in the organization.
  • They will have an update of their work.
  • As they want feedback on their work every time, an intranet application has come up with this feature also where they can get their work report.

How Creative Social Intranet’s Intranet Application help in the onboarding process?

Intranet application also helps in onboarding the new joined.

  • Intranet application has all the required information of the company.
  • On the 1st day of the employee it is important for them to know about the core of the company.
  • In the intranet application, the employee will get to know about each and every detail of the company.
  • The features of the company, the products and services served by the company, CSR activities of the company, pictures of any events conducted in the company.

In an organization, everybody knows each other’s first name, we hardly know others' last names. What if you want to mail them an urgent document? In this case an intranet application will come to rescue you from this issue. The Intranet application has everybody’s full name with email id and contact number in that. So, you can easily get the needed details from it.

Intranet application is the package of everything you would like, need and desire to have in your organization. It covers almost every aspect which is needed and will be needed in the future for the future managers and employees. Lot of things will be messed up and get delayed or consume most of your time if you don’t have an intranet application.

Creative Social Intranet’s Intranet application also allows you to book the meeting room for your meetings and discussions. This will protect you from delay if someone has already booked it for them. This management is excellent and will consume less time of yours.